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Performing artist, comedian, art model

photo by Heidi Calvert

About me (Comedy)

L first explored non-speaking comedy via the variety/burlesque performance scene in 2018 and attended their first improv comedy class series via LA Valley College in late 2019. L did their first standup set virtually in 2020 and took their first full-length standup comedy class with Bobbie Oliver at Tao Comedy Studio in early 2022. Since then they’ve appeared in numerous showcases at Tao Comedy, Flappers Comedy Club, hosting burlesque shows and more. You can view a full list of their recent credits below.

Some bits/reels

reel by Rust MacCarthy

About me (Dance)

L Faunt (they/them) loves many forms of dance!

Having spent time performing professionally and culturally educating in ​the Middle Eastern dance world from 2005-2021, L then retired from a ​career in that genre and has decided to focus on other dance ​presentations. Since 2021 they have been studying with Viktor Manoel ​doing Punking and Whacking aesthetics and reviving their jazz dance ​training.

L Faunt cultivates variety, growth and change in their dance.

During their Middle Eastern dance career, L appeared onstage frequently ​for live shows with musicians such as Unwoman, The Nathaniel Johnstone ​Band, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, members of Vernian Process and ​Rust_Vision.

Rates for private parties and corporate events: Please contact me for more ​information. I would love to entertain at your event! I am also a professional ​tarot card reader if you wish to book my services doing that.

Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

My Work

Recent Credits


The Hollywood Comedy- March ‘24- headliner

That Astrology Show- late ‘23-present

IE Goth Talent show- August ‘23

Mad Laughter- July ‘23

NoHo Comedy Asylum- Recurring 2022-present

Georgie's Jokers- Feb '23

Splendid Comedy Show- November '22

Tao Comedy Studio- Queer Sloth- August '22

Flappers Burbank- Goths and Friends- June '22

Tao Comedy Studio- Laugh Riot Grrl Fest- 2022-23


NoHo Comedy Asylum- October ‘23, March ‘24

Sultry Stimulus Hour (Hosting & Dance)- October '22

Bubblegum Burlesque- Pop That Gum!- August '22

photo by Rust MacCarthy


Cortex Worship- Sept ‘23

Call Your Friends benefit- June ‘23

Whacking Los Angeles 1 Year Anniversary Showcase- April '23

Aubre Hill and DanceGardenLA Presents The Nutcracker Hafla- ​December '22

Sunland-Tujunga Pride- June '22

Moonlight & Stars Showcase- Feb '22- Los Angeles

Ex Corpse presents Staging Utopia- NYE '21- '22

mObscene Shows- Beautiful Nightmare- August '21 (virtual)

Signal From Shadow Hill- virtual video showcase- most of 2021

Recent Credits (Cont'd)

Recent performing:

Cemetery Lane: Immersive actor- October '22

MMIX Art: Film actor, performance artist, dancer, comedian, model, ​singer- 2020-present- online

Lost Angels DTLA: Immersive actor, dancer, vocal performer and ​model- 2015-2020- various Downtown LA locations

DeVilla’s Sekhmet Dance Company: theatrical bellydance (raqs sharqi) ​performer, company administrator-2015-2021

Aubre Hill’s Qabila Folkdance Company: dance performer and Middle ​Eastern-style percussionist- 2011-2016

Modeling resume and skillset available upon request

Vocal range: tenor/mezzo/character/rock

photo by Heidi Calvert

I enjoy working with brands and artists who stand for inclusion, sustainability and deeper ways to connect. I am passionate about making the world a better place, and it's rewarding to work with others who feel the same.

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